Course Description

This course will introduce students to central theories in contemporary social and political philosophy and examine how they relate to issues in Organization studies. We will explore the foundational concepts of equality and freedom, and philosophical approaches to justice, power, and democracy. This theoretical background will be paired with examination of selected applied topics including the normative dimensions of nudging, workplace democracy, and discrimination. In examining these issues, we will engage with the philosophical method, with a focus on argument reconstruction, development, and evaluation.

Collaborative Report Assignment

This assignment contributes to the creation of a web resource providing philosophical analyses on topics in Organization studies. It consists of producing a joint report that explains a selection of philosophical analyses on an assigned topic (e.g. nudging, workplace democracy, the idea of ‘career’, and the workplace as private government). This report should be written for an intelligent audience, but one that does not have philosophical training or knowledge. Students compose individual preparation papers, comment on and edit group-member papers, revise individual papers, synthesize the group papers to collectively write a joint introduction, conclusion, and reference list.

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